Wednesday, 23 December 2015

National Portrait Gallery may be resurrected

An article in the Ottawa Business Journal (OBJ) gives background to the possibility that the building at 100 Wellington St., directly across from Parliament Hill, could be the site for a National Portrait Gallery. The project was shelved by the Harper government in 2010 and the building, the former US Embassy, has been unoccupied.

The OBJ article makes reference to local Ottawa MP and Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna although the Portrait Gallery, a component of LAC, is under Heritage Minister Melanie Joly. When I asked about the Portrait Gallery recently Minister Joly gave a non-committal response.

With its expertize in archiving LAC should have no problem retrieving their plans for the Gallery.

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J said...

I am not sure about which buildings will have to be used for MPs when renovations continue on the West Block. Perhaps this is the reason for Minister Joly not having an answer about this building.