Monday, 14 December 2015

Anglo-Celtic Roots: Winter 2015

The winter issue of Anglo-Celtic Roots (ACR) arrived in time for me to collect it on my way to Saturday's BIFHSGO meeting. It has two major articles documenting member's discovery experiences.
Part two of Jane Down's description of how she discovered the Devon roots of her Down family includes the story of exploring Shop Farm and family homestead, also the subject of a memorable presentation Jane gave to BIFHSGO many years ago. Although now submerged beneath a reservoir Jane describes how being inaccessible has propelled her to know Shop Farm more intimately than if she'd been able to drive by.
My Ancestors Were Ag Labs — or Were They? sees Christine Jackson exploring the origins of he maternal grandmother's Durrant/Dudman family by attacking her Sussex 17th century brick wall from both sides. If the connection across the brickwall is correct it means she has a 16 generation line back to her original immigrant to England.
As usual with the winter issue of ACR there's a photo-rich article about last September's conference as well as the regular columns. The deadline for the Cream of the Crop column came in time for inclusion of information on the 1939 National Registration for England and Wales which had just been released. It was too late for me to remove the description of the additional exploration of the dataset possible with the advanced search using the TNA reference — deleted from the information provided free a few days after release.

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