Sunday, 27 December 2015

Archive CD Books Canada Boxing Day Sale

ALL Archive CD Books Canada Canadian digital resources are marked down for a limited time!

Most are marked down to 50% off their regular price!

How to recognize the "Canadian" products on our online catalogue? - Their Catalogue Number start with "CA", so: CA0__, CAG__, CAB__, and CAI__  Well, that and the BIG GREEN SALE STICKER is a bit of a hint too.  :)
To search for all Canadian products.  Click on the “Search” in the left hand column and type, or paste, in one of the following:
sku:CA****        For ALL Canadian products
sku:CA0***       For just Canadian CD products
sku:CAB***       For just Canadian products on British & UK topics
sku:CAI***        For just Canadian products on Irish topics
sku:CAG***      For Canadian Gleanings products (all topics)

Digital Downloads and Gleanings are available AS SOON AS YOU BUY THEM. The CDs have to wait until Canada Post is back in action and can get them to you, but we should be able to get them into the first outgoing mail.

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