Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Genetic Genealogy Ireland: Surfing the SNP tsunami

Videos from October's Genetic Genealogy Ireland event organized by Maurice Gleeson are starting to appear on YouTube.

The latest is Surfing the SNP tsunami: NGS for Genetic Genealogists, As a university lecturer John Cleary knows how to get the point across. What I took away is that if you rely solely of Y-chromosome STRs you may get led astray by changes that occur independent in different people, but that if you are able to root your DNA tree in SNPs you will likely to be able to sort these out. However, SNP testing is costly and many of the SNPs will have occurred well before the time period of interest for genealogy, say 1300.

Maurice Gleeson previously posted his own presentation Building a Family Tree with SNPs, STRs, & Named People. More are expected.

These and videos from previous years will presentations from the genetic genealogist at all levels are compiled at

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