Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Yuletide R&R: Major .. Elements

The many visits to the "Very Model of a . . ." post, and never fearing to over to a good thing, prompts posting this video of the Tom Lehrer song The Elements.

Daniel Radcliffe shows his magic in this version

For those tired of the tune but who can can stand another version!


Persephone said...

The third video was new to me, and rather more educational - wouldn't you agree? - as much as I am a fan of Tom Lehrer (I have all his recordings) and Daniel Radcliffe.

JDR said...

The third one was new to me too -- I'm surprised it's new to you given all the innovative material you post at

Persephone said...

Bless you. A very happy new year to you!

Lynne Willoughby said...

Just catching up after the holidays. I had never heard any of these but the last one was really good. Why oh why didn't they teach science like this when I was going to school! Maybe I would have had less difficulty memorizing and understanding this stuff.