Friday, 18 December 2015

Updating the 1939 National Register of England and Wales

When Find My Past released the 1939 National Register on 2 November I was disappointed that records for my mother and her brother were redacted.
My mother died in 2012 but apparently there was no way for TNA and Find My Past to know that. However, as the 100th anniversary of her birth was just a few days later I decided to wait and see if it automatically became available. It did, some days after the 100th anniversary of her birth.
Her brother died in 1942 serving with the RAF and is recorded in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission database. I was surprised that wasn't adequate evidence for the redaction to be lifted automatically. He died in the crash of a Coastal Command Sunderland flying boat and is buried in Oban, Scotland. Somewhat to my surprise Scotland`s People had a record for his death which I sent on requesting opening the National Register record. The immediate reply indicated it might take two weeks to consider the case. About 10 days later I received an email informing it had been opened despite his first name Edward being transcribed Gilbert.
The process of opening redacted records appears to be working reasonably well. Does anyone else have any similar or contrary experience?

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Susan Gail Roger said...

The names of my late father and uncle are redacted (both born in the late 1920s), but their sister's (my aunt's) details in the same entry are not - she was born in 1930 and is still very much alive! Someone noted her married name - she married in the 1950s - in green in the margin. I've looked up what is required to redact her details, but it is clear that she has to be the one to make the application!