Sunday, 17 April 2016

How to donate to Library and Archives Canada

Visiting the Museum of London, Science Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum (briefly), Imperial War Museum, National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery during the past few days in London, they all have free admission. But they shake you down at every opportunity with  prominent donation boxes and a notice suggesting a five pound donation. At the Science Museum there was a single narrow entryway with a staff member upping the pressure to donate by their presence. That's in addition to charges for special exhibitions, opportunities to buy at the Museum shops and to join Friends organizations. 

The sole exception was the British Library. It was the only one where I actually paid to enjoy a special exhibit - Shakespeare in Ten Acts - just opened and well worth seeing.

As with the British Library and TNA (the UK National Archives) you won't find donation boxes with suggested amounts at the entrance to Library and Archives Canada. 

Both the British Library and TNA have cafes, book and souvenir shops to supplement funding. While I'm sure LAC would provide those facilities if the space allowed, that it doesn't is something for which successive Canadian governments are culpable. That doesn't mean LAC won't gladly accept your donation. Find out how to donate to LAC

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Gail B said...

As we visit London every year, we visit museums and galleries there a lot. I've always admired the free admission. This year, at the National Portrait Gallery, a major exhibition took up most of the free space, but it was worth every penny to see the Social Impact and growth of the Vogue 100 show (book now at my public library). St. Martin in the Fields church at Trafalgar square has always had free admission on Tues at one o'clock concerts, and yes, donation boxes. This year we found a Thursday sacred music concert at that time, , quite unexpected and donated readily as the choir was so wonderful. Yes, the British Museum is free, and we saw the Alice in Wonderland exhibit, preceding the Shakespeare one. Consider the wealth of information the Br. Library has in that room to the left with original works by Shakespeare, Austen, mapmakers, you name it, on display for all to see ---- for free.

Our visit preceded yours by a week, certainly, but I always feel the free museums have every right to ask for donations for the quality experience they give to visitors.