Thursday, 7 April 2016

Sylvie Tremblay retirement

For the past fifteen years, more or less, Sylvie Tremblay has provided leadership to the genealogy group within Library and Archives Canada. Sylvie came to LAC from Quebec with an in-depth knowledge of Quebec genealogy, including through her own Tremblay one name study and grew into the job at the federal level. I'm told she started at LAC in a temporary position at the end of which staff members were campaigning to have her made permanent. Much of what has been achieved for genealogy at LAC, including the free online databases, are due in no small measre to Sylvie's leadership.
Later this month Sylvie will be retiring, they let them go still in their prime these days, and returning to live in the Quebec City area. She will be missed. You don't replace someone like Sylvie even although you may fill the position.
Many genealogists will have heard her presentations at conferences and benefited personally from consultations. If you're one of them please consider sending a short note of appreciation to be given to Sylvie at a retirement event. Send by email to robert dot grandmaitre at canada dot ca/.

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