Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Explore Findmypast's crime, prisons and punishments records

Findmypast have a new short video by Abigail Rieley introducing the England & Wales, Crime, Prisons & Punishment, 1770-1935 collection. These records from the (UK) National Archives has a name index which includes victims and others involved as well as criminals. You may find photos and personal details that are elusive for ancestors who stayed on the straight and narrow.

The records are from series:

Admiralty: registers of convicts in prison hulks (TNA Ref: ADM 6)
Central Criminal Court: after-trial calendars of prisoners (TNA Ref: CRIM 9)
Home Office: Convict Hulks, Convict Prisons and Criminal Lunatic Asylums: Quarterly Returns of Prisoners 1824-1876 (TNA Ref: HO 8)
Home Office: Criminal Entry Books 1782-1871 (TNA Ref: HO 13)
Home Office: criminal petitions Series 1 (TNA Ref: HO 17)
Home Office: criminal petitions Series 2 (TNA Ref: HO 18)
Home Office: Register of criminal petitions (TNA Ref: HO 19)
Home Office: Registers of Prisoners from National Prisons lodged in County Prisons 1847-1866 (TNA Ref: HO 23)
Home Office: Prison Registers and Statistical Returns 1838-1875 (TNA Ref: HO 24)
Home Office: Judges’ Reports on Criminals 1784-1830 (TNA Ref: HO 47)
Home Office: Newgate Prison Calendar 1782-1853 (TNA Ref: HO 77)
Home Office: Miscellaneous Criminal Books 1798-1831 (TNA Ref: HO 130)
Home Office: calendar of prisoners (TNA Ref: HO 140)
Home Office and Prison Commission: prison records (TNA Ref: PCOM 2)
Home Office and Prison Commission: Male Licences 1853-1887 (TNA Ref: PCOM 3)
Home Office: Old Captions and Transfer Papers 1843-1871 (TNA Ref: PCOM 5)
Metropolitan Police: Criminal Record Office: habitual criminals' registers and miscellaneous papers (TNA Ref: MEPO 6)
Treasury: Departmental Accounts: Convict Hulks 1802-1831 (TNA Ref: T 38/310-338)

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