Monday, 11 April 2016

Is the 200 year old skeleton your ancestor?

I read in the OGS weekly newsletter that there is a limited window of opportunity for family historians to help identify the remains discovered in downtown Ottawa and Toronto.

Why does there have to be such a limited window? DNA samples could be recovered and stored from all skeletons which could be reburied in identified graves giving time for links to living persons to be established. The DNA test wouldn't need to be done immediately, just the sample conserved pending a time when the test became more affordable.

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Flameseh? said...

But John! That's entirely too simple of a solution!

It's probably been suggested to the city governments, but no money to pay for it? A feather in the cap though might be had by OGS. OGS could organized/subsidize the testing with University or commercial firms.

Problem solved!

Have a good week.