Friday, 6 May 2016

The switch to Windows 10

It's three months since I last reported on which operating system the last 500 visitors to this blog use.
On 3 February 42% used Windows 7, that's now 33%. 12% were using Windows 10 which has now grown to 22%.
I've not yet switched my old laptop to Windows 10 which I've been using on a new machine. The transition rs reasonable and I expect to make the switch before the free upgrade period ends in June.

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Terry Mulcahy said...

You can add me to your list as a Win 10 user. When my laptop using Win 7 died New Year's Eve, I had to buy a new one the day after New Year. So I went for one running Win 10 because I hate Win 8 (after trying to use my wife's notebook). The only problem I found was when I right click a file I don't get the option to Sent To or Copy To the file of my choice. The only Option is Send To a folder (but not to a specific file within that folder)