Sunday, 29 May 2016

Ancestral Homes

At the Ottawa Branch OGS meeting on Saturday I ran into Phil Donnelly who filled me in on progress on a heritage project titled: "These Old Walls - The Homes of Our Ottawa Valley Great-Grandparents"  (also known as the “Ancestral Homes” or “Old Walls” project).

There is now a Ancestral Homes app (AH app), a custom designed website, database, and app for android-based mobile devices to record and archive the "heritage reference" for a property of interest. The AH app has been designed and developed by four (4) teams of Algonquin College students in computer engineering & interactive media design over a period of 4 academic semesters in 2014 – 2015 under contracts for research and innovation with Philip Donnelly. The principal sponsors for the AH app were:
DonnellyCanada (Philip Donnelly) ($2,000 contribution);
Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society ($2,500 grant);
Algonquin College Applied Research & Innovation
The Irish Society of the NCR 

The next phase in the implementation of the Ancestral Homes/Old Walls project is to populate the database with a significant number of records of the physical remains, and the memories, of “ancestral homes” in the Ottawa Valley. The Irish Society of the NCR is considering a collaboration with a like-minded partner, such as Heritage Ottawa, for purposes of implementing that next phase.

Find out more and find a link for downloading the app at

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