Monday, 16 May 2016

Diary of a somebody

Genealogists are detectives. Imagine having 148 diary notebooks as raw evidence in piecing together an ancestor's story. 
Now suppose the notebooks were written by an unknown person and recovered from a skip (dumpster). You dip into them and are fascinated. What would you do? 
The Guardian carries an article by Alexander Masters on his new book, A Life Discarded, and the surprises he encounters as he reads through the notebooks. Find the article at

via a post on Yoni Freedhoff's Weighty Matters blog.

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Gail B said...

Wow. What a great piece of writing. I will forward to many. Great Snoring, eh? Only in the U.K., as per an earlier Anglo-Celtic blog entry you recently wrote about, John.

Gail B.