Monday, 9 May 2016

John Grenham finds AncestryDNA test well worth it

John Grenham took the AncestryDNA test and found the ethnicity results "telling me nothing I didn’t know." His Irish roots are deep enough he'd be a candidate to be in the Irish reference database.

On the other hand the test identified four third-cousin families, all with extended family histories new to him. More came when he uploaded the results to

Grenham finds the test well worth it, especially if your main interest is the broader extended family.



Ann said...

I love hearing stories like that. My results have not produced anything so interesting. Most of my "matches" have not posted a family tree - so what are they doing there? Are they all looking for birth parents? The relatively close matches that did turn up I'd already discovered and been in touch with but this was confirmation anyway. More distant matches are not of so much interest as they are all in my French line and the records are wonderful. I had them back to before 1600 before my DNA tests although I had not followed all the sibling lines which is where the matches were. I'm remaining hopeful that some of the closer matches put up family trees and that I can make some new discoveries.

Sheila Havey said...

Thanks John. very timely post as I just received my AncestryDNA results within the last week. Followed the instructions on John Gresham's blog. There were sidebar instructions on GEDCOM site related to downloads form MAC computers. Process went smoothly. Now just to wait a few days for full processing of the downloaded files and some potential hits!