13 September 2008

Ancestors in the Attic - Brothers John

First broadcast on History Television Canada on 13 September 2008, the story is of a 70 year old man, an immigrant to Canada from Ireland in his childhood, looking for an elder brother who was left behind. Traditional records research localizes the area in Ireland and shows that the brother left behind was born before the mother married. The search for the brother is only successful when a newspaper article recounting the Irish brother's search for his birth family is stumbled upon. They are reunited in Ireland.

In the episodes of this third series aired so far the format has been simplified, and in my view improved. Concentrating on a single story per 30 minute episode, minus time for ads, provides more time to understand the people involved, explore their story and appreciate the research resources employed. One thing that has been lost is the web support to each episode which is now just a bare paragraph.

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