02 September 2008

The (UK) National Archives Annual Report

Several years ago TNA announced their aim is to provide "almost all that customers want online, either through access to pre-digitised records, or through digitisation on demand, which will provide, at the moment, up to 10 pages and delivery within 24 hours for £8.50."

As far as I can see the online service goal is not addressed in the UK National Archives 2007-2008 Annual Report, posted here.

However, the report does include some interesting information. Page 13 contains a table showing impressive performance against 2007-2008 Key Performance Indicators.

85,621,313 documents were supplied onsite and online, exceeding the target of 66,275,000 and 22% above the previous year figure.

56,865,522 visits onsite and online exceeded the target of 40,655,000 and more than doubled the previous year 23,239, 023 visits.

Targets for onsite and online customer satisfaction, 90% and 80% were also exceeded with improvement over the previous year.

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