26 September 2008

What matters most to Canadians?

I must confess, I was wrong. In an earlier posting I complained that CBC TV ignores Canadian history. But last Thursday, in full prime time, CBC TV aired a program "The Mystery of Champlain."

It was shown as an episode of DOC ZONE, a series that "explores the major stories of our time" and ... "bring(s) viewers a sweeping panoramic view of what matters most to Canadians."

Thank you CBC TV for latching on to the real story which has so many of us preoccupied.

While the pundits would have us believe Canadians are hotly debating the elections, north and south of the border, an economic crisis and what to do about global climate change, only CBC TV DOC ZONE programmers are perspicacious enough to realize that the issues gripping the nation are the mystery of what Champlain looked like, and how he managed to compile such accurate maps.

I should never have complained. Better to ignore Canadian history than spend good money on this miserable effort more likely to drive people away than interest them.

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