10 September 2008

Elizabeth May Relatives

In a previous posting I asked which Canadian political leader could claim as relatives Maurice "Rocket" Richard, Louisa May Alcott, J M Barrie, Tom Landry, Queen Elizabeth II, George W Bush, John Wayne, Frank Lloyd Wright, Helen Keller, Lucille Ball, John Cage.

Following the refusal to allow her into the leader's debates she may feel more like Rodney "I don't get no respect" Dangerfield, but according a family tree found at the Ancestry.com web site Elizabeth May, Green Party leader, may have it over the others when it comes to high profile relatives.

Through her maternal grandfather, Thomas Hazelhurst Middleton, Elizabeth is said to be 9th cousin to President George W Bush, and 10th cousin twice removed to Queen Elizabeth II.

There's a bit more doubt about her being 8th cousin 3 times removed from Maurice "Rocket" Richard, but the possibility can't hurt her chances in Quebec.

Sorry to say the relationship to John Wayne suggested by Ancestry doesn't stand inspection - there goes the Western vote!

Some of the other relationships look a bit suspect too. Ancestry does warn that the data is unchecked, only based on that submitted by clients so the relationships may not be reliable. Don't hire the band to play "Hail to the Chief" or saying "Your Majesty" yet.

That can work both ways. There could be a relationship to Sarah Palin.

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