Monday, 23 March 2015

Genetic Genealogy at OGS Toronto Branch

The program is now available and registration open for OGS Toronto Branch's June 6, 2015 all day event on genetic genealogy. Here's the promo from
Are you wondering what genetic genealogy is all about? Or have you already had some DNA tests done for yourself and your relatives but don’t know what the results mean? Do you already use DNA testing effectively but would like to learn more? If any of these questions apply to you, this one-day workshop on genetic genealogy may help you to advance your knowledge of this fascinating and rapidly changing field of research.
The topic of genetic genealogy is broad so our primary focus will be on the main types of DNA testing that are used by genealogists as well as how the results from genetic testing are used in conducting or supporting genealogical research.
Speakers are, in alphabetical order:

Sue Fenn, Maurice Gleeson, Grant Karcich, Ken Parks , David Pike, John D Reid, Linda Reid,  Susan Reid, James F.S. Thomson.

I shall be presenting the talk Did DNA Prove The Skeleton Under The Leicester Car Park Was Richard III? which I gave in Portugal last week.

I anticipate the day will sell out. Don't hesitate --- ensure a seat and grab the discount for early registration.

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