Sunday, 15 March 2015

Ulster Day at BIFHSGO

On Saturday BIFHSGO broke the monthly meeting attendance record with 264 at the monthly meeting. 216 stayed for the day to hear the speakers from the UHF. In total they gave 5 lectures and one open Q and A session.  "Visitors" came from as far away as Kitchener and Orillia as well as members from Montreal ... all this with a threat of freezing rain and snow. Lots of happy people went home at the end of the day.

This was the first stop in a North American tour. If you have Ulster ancestry consider making a special effort to attend one of their other sessions. Information on other stops on the tour is at

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Barbara Tose said...

I would definitely encourage people to attend sessions with Fintan and Gillian wherever they can. Both are excellent speakers who impart huge amounts of helpful information with humour and enthusiasm. In their Q&A session they were able to find answers - actual documents - to several attendees' questions. It was a wonderful day!