Wednesday, 18 March 2015

New records from Deceased Online

All burial records for the North Dorset town of Gillingham are newly available on the website. Records date from 1861 and comprise scans of original burial registers and grave details indicating all those buried within each grave.The Gillingham records available join other Dorset areas including Blandford Forum and, from The National Archives, 2 sites in Poole and a cemetery in Weymouth.

Up-coming new records on Decreased Online are:

Sandwell: all records for 8 cemeteries and 2 crematoria in the heart of the industrial West Midlands; includes West Bromwich, Smethwick, Tipton and Wednesbury
Moray: another large Scottish area with all records for 55 cemeteries and burial grounds
Nottingham: the City's collection will grow to nearly 1.5 million records with the addition of the historic General Cemetery's records
London: two more of the most famous cemeteries in the capital.....and two more major council areas later in 2015
Monumental inscriptions: this special area continues to grow.

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