Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Two-thirds of genetic genealogy testers positive over results

In January the Ontario Genealogical Society conducted a survey in connection with Society conferences. There were 329 responses. One question asked about interest and experience with DNA testing for genealogy.  The responses were:

Not interested - 21%
Interested but not yet tested - 45%
Tested but don't understand results - 8%
Tested but not satisfied with results - 4%
Tested and found results interesting - 9%
Tested and found results helpful - 2%
Tested and followed up with further test - 7%
Genetic genealogy enthusiast - 5%

Two-thirds of respondents had not taken a test. More than two of three of those are interested in doing so. There's lots of room for growth.

About one-third of those tested didn't understand or were unsatisfied with the results meaning there's room for providing further help.

The really good news is that two-thirds of those who tested were positive about the results finding them either interesting, helpful or the basis for further testing.

If you're one of the "interested but not yet taken the test" don't forget the opportunities to learn more at the OGS conference in Barrie, Ontario, May 29-31, with Dr. Maurice Gleeson.  Family Tree DNA kits will likely be sold at Barrie. Maurice and other DNA experts will also be at the Toronto Branch one-day event on June 6.

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Louis Kessler said...

Tested and found they were mostly Neanderthal - ?%

Tested and found they were Chinese when they thought they were Norwegian - ?%

Tested and found that they had an incurable disease - ?%

Tested and found that their parents were not - ?%

Tested and found one parent cheated on the other - ?%