Thursday, 27 August 2015

Griersons of Torbolton

The Historical Society of Ottawa has issued #96 in its Bytown Pamphlet Series. In 36 pages Doris Grierson Hope recounts the Grierson family history, starting with Lieutenant John Grierson, Royal Navy (1780-1850) and his brother Commander James Grierson (1782-1856)  who settles in March and Torbolton Townships ca 1822.

There are three pages of endnotes but no index. Related surnames I noted are: Baird, Bell, Bernard, Bick, Bredin, Bridwell, Brown, Cole, DaSilva, Dickson, Dorval, Ferguson, Hedley, MacLeod, MacMillan, McLaurin, Penny, Roriston, Scarlett, Stevenson, Styles, Sullivan, and Taylor.

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Anonymous said...

I am distantly related to about three family branches. It's a must read for me. Doris produced an excellent book on Torbolton history about 25 years ago which is sadly now long out of print, but copies can sometimes be found on Cheers. BT