Monday, 3 August 2015

Worst Prime Ministers of Canada: Results

Here are the results based on 57 people voting:

1. Stephen Harper: 93%
2. Brian Mulroney: 56%
3. Kim Campbell: 28%
4. John Diefenbaker: 23%
5. R B Bennett: 19%

Thanks to the blog readers who took time to vote.

It's not surprising that there's not a lot of love expressed for Stephen Harper. Most genealogists I monitor on Facebook and elsewhere, and who read this blog, are ever ready to link to items in opposition to the prime minister and his policies such as here, here and here (pdf).

The PM job requires winning a mandate, unless you inherit what is often a poison chalice, pursuing your vision and accept that along the way you'll alienate others with different visions, and suffer for your inevitable human failings. Brian Mulroney, ranked second, who won the largest parliamentary majority in Canadian history is an example of the latter; Kim Campbell of the poison chalice.

Interesting -- all conservatives!


ib said...

Brian Mulroney was not called "Lying Brian"without reason, as his perjury in the Airbus/ pizza funding scandal enquiry confirms. So "alienating people while pursuing his vision"ib is only part of his story, and not really the most important in my opinion.

Bob Jones said...

Mulroney also promised to "simplify" the income tax system and replace the hidden Manufactuerer Tax with a revenue neutral fairer tax. Instead we got the GST and then the hated HST, and prices did not go down. At least Harper attempted to shave a little bit from that. And of course the income tax act is more complicated than ever, under Mulroney and all subsequent PMs.