Friday, 28 August 2015

Hidden treasurers at EThOS

Gail Dever has been writing about Canadian university theses as a resource -- My latest genealogical distraction — University theses.

What about British theses?

EThOS, the Electronic Theses Online System allows you to search over 340,000 theses records, freely download the full text of any UK thesis that has been digitised (more than 100,000), and order for downloading (may take some time) any thesis from one of the participating institutions, 131 of them.

Here are just some available online with a Canadian connection:

The promotion in Shropshire of emigration to Canada to 1914, with particular reference to the period from 1890.

Imperial nationalism : nationalism and the Empire in late nineteenth century Scotland and British Canada

Leaving the world : narratives of emigration and frontier life written by women in Upper Canada and the Old Northwest.

A history of publishing in Toronto, 1798 to 1841, with a descriptive bibliography of imprints.

A comparative study of pre- and post-famine migrants from north-west Ireland to North America.

Dutiful daughter : fashionable domestic embroidery in Canada and the British model, 1764-1911.

Rescue or bondage? : a case study of four voluntary agencies involved in child emigration to Canada 1870-1925

The Protestant-Catholic divide on Prince Edward Island, Canada : its creation, growth and resolution

A study of the factors that assisted and directed Scottish emigration to Upper Canada, 1815-1855

' Land of rape and honey' : settler colonialism in the Canadian West

Thy children own their birth : diasporic genealogies and the descendants of Canada's Home Children

The Holiness Movement in the Canadian Maritime Region, 1880-1920

Aliens en route : European transmigration through Britain, 1836-1914

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