Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Back to Genealogy School

It's that time of year again. Kids looking forward to another year of learning. Parents joyfully forking out for supplies and extras. Drivers eagerly anticipating practical lessons in patience around school buses.

If you're inspired to improve your genealogy game consider online courses from The National Institute for Genealogical Studies or Pharos Tutors.

Pharos lists five courses starting in September:

CourseInstructorStart Date
Organizing Your GenealogyBarbara H. Baker04 Sep 2017
Nonconformity: it's records and historyAlec Tritton07 Sep 2017
Scottish Research OnlineChris Paton11 Sep 2017
The National Archives Website and Catalogue: Finding PeopleGuy Grannum15 Sep 2017
Victorian Crime and Punishment: Courts, Police and PrisonsAntony Marr 19 Sep 2017

The National Institute for Genealogical Studies has many courses, all starting on 4 September.

Analysis and Skills Mentoring Program-Part 3
Australian: Education RecordsADVANCED
Canadian: Geography and MapsADVANCED
Canadian: Immigration RecordsADVANCED
Canadian: Local History and Special CollectionsADVANCED
Canadian: Migration PatternsADVANCED
English: Court Records-Criminal, Civil & EcclesiasticalADVANCED
English: Land and Property Records Including Manorial Documents and MapsADVANCED
Genealogy and Copyright GuidelinesADVANCED
Genetics & Medical Family HistoryADVANCED
German: Germans Outside of Germany***NEW***ADVANCED
Irish: Electoral and Taxation RecordsADVANCED
Irish: Estate, Plantation and Settlement RecordsADVANCED
Librarianship: Developing a Genealogy WebsiteADVANCED
Methodology - Part 6: Professional Preparation and PracticeADVANCED
Palaeography: Reading & Understanding Historical DocumentsADVANCED
US: Institutional RecordsADVANCED
US: Military RecordsADVANCED
Analysis and Skills Mentoring Program-Part 2INTERMEDIATE
Australian: Church RecordsINTERMEDIATE
Canadian: Land Records-Part 2INTERMEDIATE
Canadian: Vital Statistics Records-Part 2INTERMEDIATE
Connecting Family: Online and VirtuallyINTERMEDIATE
Creating Genealogy Programs for Adults & the Younger GenerationINTERMEDIATE
Electronic Resources: Organize & Publish a Family TreeINTERMEDIATE
English: Occupations - Professions and TradesINTERMEDIATE
English: Understanding Names in GenealogyINTERMEDIATE
German: Civil Registration RecordsINTERMEDIATE
German: Reading the RecordsINTERMEDIATE
Google for the Wise GenealogistINTERMEDIATE
Heraldry for the Family HistorianINTERMEDIATE
Irish: Civil RegistrationINTERMEDIATE
Irish: Major Printed SourcesINTERMEDIATE
Irish: Monumental Gravestone) InscriptionsINTERMEDIATE
Lecturing Skills Including PreparationINTERMEDIATE
Librarianship: Handouts, Brochures and Online/Multi-Media Reference ToolsINTERMEDIATE
Librarianship: Programming and Marketing Your ServicesINTERMEDIATE
Methodology - Part 3: More StrategiesINTERMEDIATE
Methodology - Part 4: Effective Searching and RecordingINTERMEDIATE
Methodology - Part 5: How To Prove ItINTERMEDIATE
Personal Historian: Telling the StoriesINTERMEDIATE
Personal Historian: Video TechniquesINTERMEDIATE
Research: Alberta AncestorsINTERMEDIATE
Research: British India AncestorsINTERMEDIATE
Research: German AncestorsINTERMEDIATE
Research: Manitoba AncestorsINTERMEDIATE
Research: New Brunswick AncestorsINTERMEDIATE
Research: Ontario AncestorsINTERMEDIATE
Research: Quebec Non-Francophone AncestorsINTERMEDIATE
Research: Scandinavian AncestorsINTERMEDIATE
Research: South Africa Ancestors Including Military RecordsINTERMEDIATE
Research: U.S. Midwestern States AncestorsINTERMEDIATE
Research: Ukrainian AncestorsINTERMEDIATE
Skill-Building: Nuts & Bolts of Reporting ResearchINTERMEDIATE
Social Media Tools for the Wise GenealogistINTERMEDIATE
US: Cemetery and Mortuary RecordsINTERMEDIATE
US: Migration PatternsINTERMEDIATE
US: Religious Records-Part 2INTERMEDIATE
Writing for Genealogy: Articles, Blogs, Research Reports and so much moreINTERMEDIATE
Writing the Genealogist's MemoirINTERMEDIATE
Business Skills: Career Development: Choosing a Niche-Part 1BASIC
Business Skills: Career Development: Choosing a Niche-Part 2BASIC
Business Skills: Creating a BusinessBASIC
Business Skills: Establishing & Promoting Your WebsiteBASIC
DNA: Introduction to Genetic GenealogyBASIC
Eastern European: Introduction to Research for North AmericansBASIC
Italian: Civil Registration Records-Part 1BASIC
Italian: Introduction to Research Outside of ItalyBASIC
Italian: Language and LocationBASIC
Personal Historian: Beginning GenealogyBASIC
Scottish: Census RecordsBASIC
Skill-Building: Breaking Down Brick WallsBASIC
Skills: Transcribing, Abstracting & ExtractingBASIC
Business Skills: Business AdministrationBASIC

In addition don't overlook educational opportunities locally such as those offered by the Toronto Branch of OGS - see the flyer here (pdf).

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Gail Roger said...

I'm dying to take the Pharos Tutors' Nonconformist course, but will have to wait for a better time. I've taken both Chris Paton's courses, and Guy Grannum's course, and can highly recommend them, not only for content, but for Chris's and Guy's class management skills, and their willingness to go out of the way to help.

I also fully intend to take a crack at one of the NIGS's courses in German genealogy in the future.