12 August 2017

Findmypast updates: Billion Graves

The Billion Graves databases on Findmypast providing GPS-tagged headstone and burial records continue to grow.

New Zealand48,831178,863

Other additions this week are:

Middlesex Monumental Inscriptions 1485-2014 adds 2,674 records for the Churchyard of All Saints, Fulham for a total of 45,831 records.

North West Kent Burials adds 6,159 records for Sidcup Cemetery (formerly Kent, now London Borough of Bexley) for a total of 187,829 records.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If only they'd make the Billion Graves interface more readable on devices other than smart phones, it might be useful. At the moment it is the most annoyingly clunky site I have ever encountered. Cannot see more than half of any photo, or more than one word of a sentence, without scrolling or clicking. It's like trying to make sense of "War and Peace" printed one word to a page. Apart from the colossal waste of time involved in waiting for the screen to load, all that clicking and scrolloing aggravates my carpal tunnel syndrome.