Monday, 7 August 2017

What's New in Genealogy Books at the Ottawa Public Library

Here's a list of genealogy books published this year  available or on order at the Ottawa Public Library.

A Dictionary of Family History: The Genealogists' Abc
By Scott, Jonathan
Holds: 17 on 2 copies

The Family Tree Irish Genealogy Guide: How to Trace your Ancestors in Ireland
By Santry, Claire
Holds: 7 on 6 copies

Family Tree Italian Genealogy Guide : How to Trace Your Family Tree in Italy
By Holtz, Melanie D.
Holds: 4 on 1 copy

Les Filles du Roy pionnières de Montréal
Holds: 1 on 1 copy

French Canadian Roots : Discovering Your Family Tree and French Canadian Genealogy
By Compagna, Lawrence
Holds: 19 on 1 copy

Genealogy for Dummies
By Helm
Holds: 18 on 1 copy
For Later

Genealogy, Psychology, and Identity: Tales From A Family Tree
By Nicolson, Paula
Holds: 4 on 2 copies

How to Write your Personal or Family History(if You Don't Do It, Who Will?)
By Wiebe, Katie Funk
Holds: 10 on 5 copies

Kids and Family History: Fun Ways to Spark Their Interest
By Niggemeyer, Vicki Korn

Paper and Spit : Family Found: How DNA and Genealogy Revealed My First Parents' Identity
By Anderson, Don
Holds: 10 on 1 copy

Tracing your Ancestors' Lives: A Guide to Social History for Family Historians
By Starmans, Barbara J.
Holds: 9 on 8 copies

Tracing your Army Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians
By Fowler, Simon

Tracing your Nonconformist Ancestors: A Guide for Family and Local Historians
By Raymond, Stuart A.
Holds: 4 on 4 copies

Tracing your Pre-Victorian Ancestors: A Guide to Research Methods for Family Historians
By Wintrip, John
Holds: 22 on 2 copies

The War of 1812 in British North America, Searching for your Ancestor's Elusive War Records
By Cox, Kenneth G
In-library use only at this time

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