Friday, 11 August 2017

The Internet Archive 78 RPM Records Archive

A nice find by Dick Eastman.

"Want to listen to the music of your parents or grandparents? You can now do so, thanks to the Internet Archive. The Great 78 Project is a new project by the Internet Archive to preserve 78 rpm records that has released about 26,000 records as of today. One new digitized 78 rpm record is being added to the online collection every 10 minutes. More than 200,000 records are expected to be available online when the project is completed. In fact, you can even add your collection of 78 RPM records as well."
Go to Use the “Search this Collection” box on that page to quickly find what you are looking for.

Try the Maple Leaf Rag.

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Celia Lewis said...

Oh my - this is another rabbit hole I'll be going down! I do so much searching there for genealogy and history purposes that I 'forget' about the music part... Thanks for the reminder!