Friday, 9 February 2018

Church of England Modern Parish Maps and Information

The Research and Statistics unit of the Church of England has produced an interactive Church of England parish map, with summary deprivation and census statistics mapped onto parish boundaries.
These will not necessarily be exactly the same as the parish your ancestor inhabited but will be a guide.
The statistic of deprivation is particularly interesting as it rarely changes dramatically.
The map is for England, not for other parts of the UK nor the Anglican community elsewhere.
The drop in adherents to the Church of England is dramatically shown in a Statistics of Mission report also produced by the Research and Statistics Unit.


Paul Milner said...


This is interesting but I wonder what deprivation actually means. I couldn't find a definition on the site. It would appear to be a government statistic rather than a church statistic. It appears, from observation of Kent and West Cumbria parishes that the urban, or older industrial areas seem to be the most deprived. Ironically some of these remote areas in Cumbria are the least deprived areas when it comes to education. There is lots of data on this site but some more explanatory information would have been helpful.

Paul Milner

JDR said... and the sources will be helpful for deprivation.

Ian Barker said...

Hi John:

Not sure if you are aware of 'Parish Locator', a freeware programme available at
which I have been using for about 15 years to locate parishes in England.

I have found it extremely useful.


Ian Barker