Wednesday, 14 February 2018

QFHS Conference 2018

Do you recognize these names?

Steven L. Cameron
Luc Lepine
Christopher Lyons
Kelley O’Rourke
Laurie Pratt
Tom Quinlan
Mario Robert
Gary Schroder
Gloria Tubman
Deborah Waddell Robertson

Some familiar. Some new. Some ...  Irish.

Deborah Robertson wrote to let me know this line up of speakers for the Quebec Family History Society conference at McGill University New Residence May 18, 19 and 20.

In addition there will be an Ancestry Friday, presented by Lesley Anderson. 
Geoffrey Kelley, MNA for the West Island riding of Jacques-Cartier will be speaking about his Quebec family history at the Opening Ceremonies and will be presented the results of his family’s DNA.

The official email address for the Conference is


Brenda Dunne said...

Just read the line up of the presenters. Very excited about all the topics being covered especially Tom Quinlan from the National Archives of Ireland, Luc Lépine talking about the Les Filles du Roi and Laurie Pratt on DNA and genealogy. Holy Cow! Off to sign up for the conference now!

Anonymous said...

Coming in from Vermont for Roots 2018. Hoping to find Irish Quebec ancestors. Conference seems to have a great combination of Quebec and Irish topics. Can't wait!!!!