Saturday, 3 February 2018

Voilà – Canada’s new National Union Library Catalogue

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has launched Voilà, Canada’s new national union library catalogue, hosted on the OCLC website.
OCLC stands for Online Computer Library Center, Incorporated, a US-based nonprofit cooperative organization operating in over 100 countries.
Entries from AMICUS, the old national union catalogue, from hundreds of libraries across Canada that subscribe to OCLC are now available through Voilà.
According to the LAC press release "LAC will start enriching Voilà to provide public access to its own holdings later this year." I was curious—how much LAC content is now available?
A Voilà search finds the 32 English language (sic) books with subject genealogy published in 2017 listed below. The titles of the nine in the Library and Archives Canada database are shown in red.

Gabriel Faugas dit Raymond et ses descendants, 1725-2017
by Jean-Louis Bussières, Lise Le Comte, Ginette Raymond, Association des familles Raymond (Faugas)

TRACING YOUR PRE-VICTORIAN ANCESTORS : a guide to research methods for family historians.

Finding Oprah's roots : finding your own
by Henry Louis Gates Jr.,

The journey : a Reinson family history
by Donna J Reinson Koper

The Family Tree Italian genealogy guide : how to trace your family tree in Italy
by Melanie D. Holtz, Family Tree Books

Mastering genealogical documentation
by Thomas W. Jones

Al-Maqrīzī's al-Ḫabar ʻan al-bašar vol. V, section 4: Persia and its kings, part I
by Aḥmad ibn ʻAlī Maqrīzī, Jaakko. Hameen-Anttila

Jayewardene, Udunuwara Urulawatte Perera, Corea, Samarasinghe, Goonetilleke, Perera Wijegoonewardena, and other inter-related family genealogy : including Bandaranaike, De Alwis, Thudugala, & Jayetilleke Hulugalle lineages
by Anne-Marie. Samarasinghe

Famille Chatigny
by Charles G. Clermont

German genealogy research in Pomerania : with specific examples of Kreis Schlawe research
by Donna Schilling

Birth, marriage and death notices from the Carleton Place herald
by D. M. Allen, Joan McKay, John Charles Patton, Ontario Genealogical Society. Ottawa Branch,


Electric city : the Stehelins of New France
by Paul H. Stehelin

Genealogies and Conceptual Belonging : Zones of Interference between Gender and Diversity.
by Eike. Marten

Early descendants of James Cole of Plymouth, Massachusetts
by Susan E Roser

Tracing villains and their victims : a guide to criminal ancestors for family historians
by Jonathan Oates

The Family Tree Irish genealogy guide : how to trace your ancestors in Ireland
by Claire. Santry

The Family Tree cemetery field guide : how to find, record, & preserve your ancestors' graves
by Joy Neighbors, Family Tree Books

Tracing your nonconformist ancestors : a guide for family and local historians
by Stuart A. Raymond

Chinese Pioneer Family
by Johanna Margarete Menzel. Meskill

Mullet family history & genealogy: Emanuel J. Mullet
by LaVina Miller Weaver

by Matthew Helm, April Leigh Helm

International Vital Records Handbook
by Thomas Jay Kemp

Ancestors : who we are and where we come from
by David Hertzel

A dictionary of family history : the genealogists' ABC
by Jonathan Scott (Freelance writer),

The MacLeods of Prince Edward Island
by Harold S. MacLeod

The Haldanes of Gleneagles : a Scottish history from the twelfth century to the present day
by Neil Stacy

Genealogy For Dummies
by Matthew Helm, April Leigh Helm

Tracing your ancestors' lives : a guide to social history for family historians
by Barbara J. Starmans

Dauphinee family chronicles : ancestry, arrival, aspirations and achievements in Shelburne
by WD Dauphinee, Shelburne County Archives & Genealogical Society


Toni said...

This is a finding aid? To find where books are held?

JDR said...

Toni. You will have to go and do the search yourself, then click on "Availability". BTW, unfortunately while some are many public libraries are not on OCLC.

Anonymous said...

Is there a list of participating libraries, ie, Ottawa Public Library (OPL)? If Amicus listed a library as holding a certain item and that library does not participate in OCLC will those holdings be removed from Voila?