Friday, 23 February 2018

The SNP Mess

The first day of the Genetic Genealogy Ireland event in Belfast this past weekend ended with a panel session.
My somewhat incoherent question to them was on the mess that is the naming of SNPs, what useful information is conveyed to a genealogist by a name like FGC22963?
There was a helpful discussion. Kathryn Bourges gave historical background. Debbie Kennett, James Irvine, Brad Larkin and Gerard Corcoran contributed suggestions for useful websites and ideas of how things might improve—over time.
The websites were:
At the risk of getting completely lost in the weeds you may chance checking out the Producing an automated next-generation Y-DNA phylogenetic tree project under development. It has links to R-U106 and R-P312 projects.
The session was recorded and can be viewed by those registered with the GGI Facebook group.

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