Thursday, 2 September 2010

Family Chronicle Sept/Oct 2010 Issue

Please excuse my enthusiasm.The new issue of Family Chronicle magaine is out. It includes my latest and two other DNA-related articles. The editors choice of the cover illustration reflects just how important a tool DNA analysis is becoming for the genealogist.

Highlighted by the banner at the top of the cover, where it should be noticable even on a crowded newsstand display, the issue incorporates a special section on researching your Irish Ancestors.

Here, from the magazine website at, is the complete table of contents.

Family Chronicle cover
Legal Pirates in the Family Tree
David A. Norris helps you find your privateer ancestors read a sample of this article...
The Hidden Grain of Truth
Leland K. Meitzler encourages readers to hunt down the truth behind family gossip
read a sample of this article...
Book Review: Wanted!
Donna Potter Phillips reviews Ron Arons' new book on American criminal records

Passenger Ship Lists: Online and Microfilm Resources
Michael Hait gives tips on how to gather information from immigrant passenger lists
The New Frontier of Genetic Genealogy
John D. Reid explores a new understanding of DNA, our most natural genealogical record

The History Behind a Canadian Ghost Town: Rosseau Falls
Andrew Hind recounts his experiences researching Rosseau Falls in Muskoka, Ontario
Expanding The Concept of Family History Through DNA
Ugo A. Perego, Ph. D., looks at the contribution of DNA testing in the field of family history
Project Planning: Researching Family History
Lee Ann Eckhardt Smith tells you what you really need to know about writing family history
A Genealogical Voyage Into the Unknown
According to Margaret Louise Harris, researching is all about the journey, not the destination
Where to Go For Help
According to Donna Murray, help is readily available, you just have to know where to find it!
PLUS: Rearching Your Irish Ancestors Special Supplement
Mapping Out Your Irish Family History
Tony Bandy offers tips on the best online and offline resources for discovering Irish maps
Replacing the Irish Census
Diane L. Richard looks at Irish census substitutes
Irish DNA Case Study
Ugo Perego, Ph. D., looks at the genetic origins of a large Smith family from Utah
Finding Irish Records on the 'Net
Alan Stewart helps you find Irish records online
Overcoming Difficulties in Irish Research
Cindy Thomson explores potential resources that can help you on your quest to find long-lost ancestors


treesrch said...

I got mine in the mail today! Can't wait to read it, am traveling to Toronto and I will bring my copy with me!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to reading your article in particular. However, the advertising has prompted me to order my first ever one year subscription to a genealogy magazine. MAS