Saturday, 11 September 2010

Internet Extra

The Firefox browser is gaining in market share. I've just checked the statistics and find that Firefox 3.6 is now the most popular browser for people visiting this blog - 28%. Perennial winner Internet Explorer takes the next two places with the versions 8.0 (24% ), 7.0 (21%). The others trail, below 10%.

There's an "if it ain't broke don't fix it" attitude towards browsers. Most people stick with what they know, which is usually the Microsoft Internet Explorer product. There's a learning curve to switching browsers that most people want to avoid. But if you should become dissatisfied with your browser, as a satisfied Firefox user for many years I certainly recommend it.

Ever innovative Google will soon release a new interface showing results as you type a query. You can try it before it's officially released at: I tried it by searching for Anglo-Celtic connections and got as far as Anglo-Ce before the blog appeared on the screen as an option. If the result you're looking for is the first on the list just press the right arrow key to go directly to it.

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