Friday, 24 September 2010

LAC releases Upper Canada Land Petitions online

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has  announced the launch of a new online database, “Upper Canada Land Petitions (1763–-1865).”

This database provides access to index information on more than 77,000 references to individuals who lived in present-day Ontario between 1783 and 1865.

The actual petitions are not online.

Upper Canada Land Petitions for grants or leases of land and other administrative records often contain an applicant's story detailing services, losses and sufferings during the American Revolutionary War or the War of 1812. They may also contain discharge certificates, letters of introduction from prominent individuals in Britain, reports by the Surveyor General or the Attorney General on technical and legal matters, and some lists of settlers by region.

The database is available at:

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treesrch said...

I was so pleased to find the index for this on-line. Then I was thrilled to find my gggggrandfather applying 3 times. The first time in 1819 in the Perth Military Settlement. Again in Huntley in 1829 and 1830 in York. Can't wait to get the papers in the mail!