Saturday, 25 September 2010

Reflection on BC Women Politicians

In the talks I've given on Early 20th Century British Immigrants to Canada while in BC I've used Nancy Hodges as one of the case studies. She was a journalist, BC politician, first woman appointed Speaker of a legislature in the British Commonwealth, and fifth woman appointed to the Canadian Senate.

I took advantage of being in Victoria to find out more about her. That included visiting the legislature building where I was allowed to see a photo of her in an area not normally open to the public. The photo hung on a wall opposite a window. A major reflection meant a photo full on was impossible so I moved to one side. There was still a reflection; it rather adds to the picture.

M Diane Rogers let me know that the honour of first chairing the BC legislature fell to Mary Ellen Smith (nee Spear), another British immigrant, who was Acting Speaker on one occasion in February 1928.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for informing us about these very accomplished early role models for women. Also,I found the B.C. legislature tour/visit to be time well spent.

anne s.