Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Preserve Your Family History

Most of us are concerned about preserving the family history we've built up so the article posted by Dick Eastman at caught my eye.  The new, free service at, looks like its worth trying.

The fact that it's free means you may have a nagging doubt that the business model will prove sustainable. While I wish it success I suggest you be prudent, don't rely on it for more than short-term backup; it could disappear. 

It's pretty easy these days to copy your family history files to USB detachable storage. The watchword for preservation is diversity - spread many copies around - distribute copies to family and friends for safe keeping, and put one in your safety deposit box if you have one.   

No doubt USB storage will go the way of the eight-track tape some day so an even better strategy for preservation is publication. If you can get family history stories in a magazine, even your local family history society magazine, many copies will be distributed and the chances of it being preserved are increased, especially if copies go to trusted repositories like the Family History Library, Society of Genealogists, Allen County Public Library and your local public library.


Anonymous said...

Publishing a magazine article or a book is terrific. It has been done in my family with much appreciation given to the author. However, a book can take many years to perfect and publish. My method at present is to e-mail family stories and short articles telling of my "discoveries". My cousins do not have to wait years for the latest news and they frequently get small digestible pieces of information. I get the oft-needed praise I need to continue. I suggest to my audience that they print and put in a binder each item. Photos are sent a few at a time or accompany a story. We have fun discussing the items when we meet. I agree with the use of a safety deposit box, fireproof safe and USB key, also. Anne S.

Alison (Vancouver) said...

So far all the "Preserve Your Family Tree" program has done is cause Firefox to crash.