Friday, 3 September 2010

Aircrew Remembrance Society

The Aircrew Remembrance Society <> perpetuates the memory of airmen from all nations, those who fought, those who paid the ultimate sacrifice during the 1939 – 45 air war over the United Kingdom & Europe. It helps relatives of RAF and other allied fighter and bomber crews from the Second World War to find out how they died in service.

You can search to find information on people they already have online, or send a query, from

The site includes information on some of the cases they have investigated. By chance the first one I clicked on was RCAF pilot Lloyd Duncan Kippan from Vancouver who was killed in a ground accident while on a training mission

Don't forget the information already online at, A full service file is available, not online, for those killed in action from Library and Archives Canada at .


kelly said...

Thank you for mentioning us and of course we would be happy to assist others to create a page on the website.
If you would like to send us the information / photographs that you have we will try and expand on them with details of their loss.
Kind regards

Unknown said...

I have parted company with these chaps and have since started my own website. All the old stories that I created are now on - please feel free to contact me.

Aircrew Remembrance Society said...

Aircrew Remembrance society is still going but under a new domain
Due to the .com address being with held from us by our ex webmaster who registered it on our behalf.

Aircrew Remembrance Society said...

Aircrew Remembrance Society

Can be contacted on our new domain -

Our old domain is no longer available to us due to being withheld by our ex webmaster,
But all our work is being added to this new domain weekly.