Sunday, 19 April 2015

WDYTYA? Live Final Day Report

Having spent two days taking in all that was on offer, or all that was physically possible, my Foreign Correspondent went AWOL on Saturday afternoon, better than collapsing from exhaustion.

I can't imagine how performers deal with this. The crowds, the noise. It was the morning and my feet were already sore again. After lunch I wanted to hear Tony Robinson speak, at 4 pm, about his own DNA result but was so tired I decided he'd get along fine without me and left.
The temporary remedy in the morning was taking in a lecture:
I attended a session with Kirsty Gray where she was talking about power sources in the development of the industrial revolution, wind, water, gas, coal, etc. Most interesting. One of the reasons her talks are so interesting is that she stands back and takes a very broad look at historical changes. 
Kirsty will be giving several presentations at the OGS Conference in Barrie.

Having been round and round the hall a few times you start to wonder about the booths with vendors that seem out of place. Some noted were: Guide Dogs, Cats Protection League, Cyclo-ssage, Family Silver. You also meet people while sharing a table in the snack area or waiting for a talk to start.

Here are links to other reports from the final day: Dick EastmanJanet Few, Kirsty Gray Andrew Martin.

A big thank you to my foreign correspondent and others linked for their reports allowing us a glimpse of WDYTYA? Live 2015. Next year's event is said to be booked for the same location for April 7-9 which is now confirmed. It will be on my wish list.

UPDATE: Chris Paton has an overview of the event with his experience and opinion at


Kirsty Gray said...

Just been confirmed on Twitter that the dates are 7th to 9th April 2016 @NEC.

Thanks to your 'overseas correspondent' for the lovely comments about my lecture! Nice to see her - see you in Barrie in 6 or so weeks....

Alona Tester said...

Thanks for the reports. It looked and sounded like it was a heap of fun, and it's definately on my "must do" list. I wonder if I could get there in 2016??