Friday, 24 April 2015

Genetic Genealogy YouTube videos from WDYTYA start appearing

Thanks to Maurice Gleeson who has started posting videos of the presentations at last week's WDYTYA? Live in the Family Tree DNA theatre.

The first posted was Debbie Kennett's I've got my autosomal DNA results but what do I do next? Despite a warning about background noise in the event venue it was quite acceptable in this recording as well as being informative. We may not be as lucky in some of the others.

Noise must have been more of the problem with two of Maurice Gleeson's talks Which DNA test is best for you? and Autosomal DNA: how to use it in practice as he went to the trouble to re-record them.

Although I'm fairly familiar with the various company offerings by way of autosomal tests I found the two talks by Debbie and Maurice contained updated information. It would be good if Maurice could pace the autosomal presentation to spend more time on using the third party tools DNAgedcom, DNAAdoption, and Genome Mate. Genetic genealogy fishing trips will be more successful the more fish their are to catch which means consolidated databases. If people know about and become familiar with the third party tools they are more likely to transfer results from the various company proprietary databases.

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