Monday, 27 April 2015

Get 40% off memberships

40% discount is about as good as it gets for Ancestry memberships.

Take advantage of the offer:

Canada Deluxe Annual Membership at the special offer price: $71.88,
World Deluxe Annual membership special offer price: $179.88.

Customers will be billed the annual price in one up-front payment. Offer available until 11:59 p.m. ET on April 30 2015. Go to

Thanks for the tip to Susan Gingras Calcagni.


Dawn said...

Would this be for new memberships only? Mine is coming up for renewal next month, and I can't find anything that indicates I can take advantage of this offer. Thanks for the help! Dawn

JDR said...

In answer to the above query, I received the following

Always looking for a bargain, I decided to follow up on your ancestry discount link. Although it proposes the discount for new members, I asked very sweetly if as a long time subscriber I could take advantage of this as a loyalty bonus. YES! So not only did I get the reduced rate, it only starts on 25 May when my current subscription expires.

Unknown said...

I am on the phone right now & they don't want to give it to me ! my subscription ends in July.

Unknown said...

No they couldn't give it to me, a note was made on my file, perhaps when I call back in July they might. I did cancel my automatic renewal & will call them in mid July to re-up. I even pulled the Canadian card, exchange rate being at 25%.

Susan Jensen said...

I guess it pays to be persistent! Like John, I was able to get my world deluxe membership for 179.88 and, because I was on the phone for so long, they gave me an extra 13 months for the price of 12! Thanks for the tip to Susan & John.

Janie Best said...

Good for you John.

I have been a world deluxe subscriber for several years but when I tried the loyalty card they would not budge on their refusal to give me any kind of discount.

I am very disappointed with