Friday, 24 April 2015

DNA Day Special from Family Tree DNA

For DNA Day 2015 Family Tree DNA is offering $100 off the Big Y test.

If you don't know about that test there's a very timely YouTube video of a talk given by John Cleary - It's not just 'deep ancestry' - how NGS & Y-STR testing can further your research - at a recent WDYTYA? Live DNA talk sponsored by FTDNA.

Big Y is presently only for the enthusiast. As even with the discount the price is $475 US few will order lightly. Be sure to be familiar with the information provided by FTDNA at,  To get the discount use coupon code DNADayBigY. The coupon is valid from 12:00 AM 4/25/2015 through 11:59 PM 4/30/2015.

The rest of us may want to tune in a program segment on DNA in the CBS Sunday Morning program this Sunday.

Family Tree DNA is promising "many exciting deals beginning summer 2015."

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