Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Maximising Cultural and Genealogical Heritage in Ireland

When John Grenham writes in his Irish Roots blog, in an article with the title Catherine Murphy for Taoiseach, referring to a government report, that "Anyone with even the remotest interest in Irish genealogy should read it," we should pay attention. I'd go further as a few of the 37 recommendations several are of wider significance than just for Ireland.

For example:
"It must be recognised that the majority of our genealogical records are public goods and public access is the desired goal."
"We must explore private sector income options that would add to the income of the cultural sector. This income must be in addition to central funding and must be ring-fenced for the institutions."
"Any funds raised through commercial partnerships must be ring fenced and used in addition to State funding."
"The system must be designed with the end user in mind."
"Indexes must be made fully available online as well as physically on location. Online researchers should not be disadvantaged."
It will be instructive to witness the response to the report. Is the Irish government committed to cultural and genealogical heritage as part of a national post-industrial strategy?

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