Tuesday, 21 April 2015

WDYTYA? Live Handouts from Society of Genealogists

If you didn't get to Birmingham last week for Who Do You Think You Are? Live, or missed a talk of interest, you're in luck. The Society of Genealogists have speakers’ handouts or slides. Some are yet to be posted.

Those presently available are:

Ron Arons (Saturday 18 April 2015) Nifty & Powerful Technologies for Genealogical Annalysis & Documentation.

Carl Chinn MBE (Friday 17 April 2015) The Real Peaky Blinders

Else Churchill (Thursday 16 April 2015) What's Been Done Before? Finding Pedigrees Online and at the Society of Genealogists)

Else Churchill (Friday 17 April 2015) Parish Registers - On and Off Line

George English (Friday 17 April 2015) Problem Solving and Breaking Down Brick Walls

Janet Few (Thursday 16 April 2015) Are You Sitting Comfortably? Creating Your Family's Story

Nicci Fletcher (Friday 17 April 2015) Preserving Tomorrows History Today.

Janet Few (Friday 17 April 2015) Families in Context: Researching Your English Ancestors and their Communties in the Early Twentieth Centuries

Liv Marit Haarkenstad (Saturday 18 April 2015) Norwegian Ancestry

Celia Heritage (Thursday 16 April 2015) How Far Did Your Ancestors Travel Before the Railways?

Celia Heritage (Saturday 18 April 2015) I've Lost My Ancestors Before 1837. Where Did He Come From?

Jane Howells (Thursday 16 April 2015) The Patchwork of a Woman's Life: Finding Pieces and Stitching Them Together

Doreen Hopwood (Friday 17 April 2015) Birmingham Occupations

Doreen Hopwood (Saturday 18 April) Birmingham Ancestors

Paul Howes (Saturday 18 April 2015) How has the Internet Changed the Game? Testing the Limits of  A Huge One Name Study

Debbie Kennett (Thursday 16 April 2015) The Joy of Surnames

Michael Pearson (Thursday 16 April 2015) Tracing Your Black Country Surnames

Audrie Reed  (Friday 17 April 2015) Family History Scrapbooking. There's a link to the presentation on You Tube

Mike Sharpe (Thursday 16 April) 2015) Tracing Your Birmingham Ancestors

Jenny Swanson (Thursday 16 April 2015) Scottish Baptismal Names

Find the links at www.sog.org.uk/learn/who-do-you-think-you-are-live-2014-speakers-handouts/

As a bonus there are also links to handouts for the two previous WDYTYA? Live events in Glasgow and London.

Thanks to the speakers who agreed to make their material available and to SOG.

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