Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Ancestry signals move toward health

Today, 10 January 2017, Tim Sullivan, president and chief executive officer of Ancestry.com, will participate in the 35th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. Many have anticipated Ancestry will make a stronger move into the lucrative health market, it already has a beta site https://health.ancestry.com/.
The conference brings investors and company executives together so watch for possible news on Ancestry moving further into health from the conference later today.


Anonymous said...

Ancestry at present does not answer its phones properly. I and others are treated to a one minute voice message followed by a "hangup" when we call for information. When you push the button to speak about your account i.e. money $$,they answer, are pleasant, and offer a new deal.
When you get your test results with Ancestry, you can send messages to others via Ancestry, but cannot see a person's trees unless you hva a subscription.

Gail B said...

Any 'move' that Ancestry makes is not important to me, personally. I won't use it, unless while visiting a public library. It is a huge multinational corporation, not so much interested in genealogy as in marketing and making a profit. Many of us find its transcriptions of documents risible.
End of rant. sorry.

Trevor Rix said...

Don't use the Ancestry transcriptions. Use the digital images of the source records which are excellent.