Thursday, 12 January 2017

New and updated London, England databases from Ancestry

Three new and one updated database for London, England are now on Ancestry.The originals are from the London Metropolitan Archives.

London, England, Stock Exchange Membership Applications, 1802-1924 256,986 records
Those involved with the stock exchange had to register each year. The image originals include the residence address, office address, role as broker, dealer (jobber) or clerks, telephone number, name of banker, business partners and company as well as signature. Because registration was annual you can follow changes of address, role, etc.

London, England, TS Exmouth Training Ship Records, 1876-1918 12,107 records
Boys in care of The Metropolitan Asylums Board could receive vocational training on the Exmouth moored the Exmouth off Grays in Essex.
For each boy that joined the ship, the record books log the following on a single page:
Age (and sometimes “supposed age”)
Date of admission and discharge
The parish or Poor Law Union from which they originated
What the boy did on discharge
Vital statistics of the boys (height, weight and chest circumference) are given on entry and discharge as well as information on the training received and particulars on discharge. Most joined the Royal Navy, the Army or the Merchant Marine in which case the name of the ship or regiment is given

London, England, Gamekeepers' Licences, 1727-1839 2,578 records
Information on those licensed to kill game on behalf of the Lord of the Manor for the area north of the River Thames, bordering the old City of London, excluding the City of London but including the City of Westminster.
Information in the register is typically name of the manor, name of the load and lady (sometimes with elaboration), name and location of the gamekeeper and  date of appointment and when ended. Handwritten and very legible.

London, England, Freedom of the City Admission Papers, 1681-1930   463,958 records
This is an update database first included in November 2011.
From Ancestry's description:
"Freedom admission papers can record many biographical details about the individual to whom Freemen status is awarded making this collection of particular interest to genealogists. Many of the documents in this collection are "indentures" or sealed agreements for things like apprenticeship agreements.
- Information in this database:
- Surname
- Date of indenture
- Parent or guardian’s name
- County of residence
- Master’s name"

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