Thursday, 26 January 2017

Canada 150 Tulips in the UK

The Canadian High Commission in London is helping celebrate the sesquicentennial with plantings of the Canada 150  tulip – white leaves and red flames echoing the maple leaf flag.
According to this post from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission the tulips will bloom this year in the Victoria Embankment Gardens in central London and at Brookwood Cemetery.

Brookwood Military Cemetery contains the graves of 2,729 Canadian servicemen and women, mostly from the Second World War including those of 43 men who died of wounds following the Dieppe Raid in August 1942. Find them here.

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Nancy Cutway said...

Brookwood Cemetery burials include Dr. Oswald Vrooman, a captain in the Canadian Army Dental Corps, who is a 3rd cousin twice removed ... but the interesting thing is that quite by chance, my husband and I purchased the house in Kingston where he lived with family - his mother died there - his daughter was probably born there although maybe in Odessa. We bought house in 1975, about 30 years after his widow sold it. And I didn't start doing genealogy until 1978, so had no idea of any connection - but felt instantly at home in the house when we looked at it. Serendipity? Family vibes?