Monday, 9 January 2017

OGS is looking for ideas

Saturday's Ontario Genealogical Society weekly newsletter included the invitation

If you have ideas for projects that you think OGS should tackle, please send them to us, either through a Board member or our Executive Director.  If they include support on how they could be funded, or where we could entice volunteers to work on them, even better!
I hope they get a lot of response.

As Canada's largest genealogical society it is in a position to take a leading role in advocating for genealogical interests nationally. Does it do enough?
As a non-profit OGS has access to funding sources like the DHCP. Should OGS be using that to propose projects like newspaper digitization which seems to be lagging in parts of Ontario?
Should OGS be taking an initiative in genetic genealogy?
What else?

OGS is open you your ideas.

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Mike More said...

Of course, it would really help if the person proposing the project would take an active role. Any project will require volunteers to implement and the leadership should come from somebody who is passionate about the project, otherwise, it is likely to languish. Don't expect your proposal to miraculously happen without a great deal of work. Unlike the shoemaker, there are no genealogy elves who come out at night to do the work. :-)