Tuesday, 17 January 2017

South Kildare history online

If you have Irish ancestry, even if not from South Kildare, you're liable to find something of interest, sometimes shocking, in this resource.
Since September 1992 Frank Taaffe has been delving into topics of interest from the history of South Kildare, south and west of Dublin, and especially the community of Athy. The columns published in the local paper, the Kildare Nationalist. under the title Eye on the Past are collected together at http://athyeyeonthepast.blogspot.ie/. Twenty-five years of columns have covered a huge range of topics.
With so many columns a search engine is a good facility to have. Find it at the top left of the web page. Try names (lots of mentions of people), places, events. What was life like in the workhouse? Where did migrants go and what was the journey like?
Thanks to BIFHSGO member Ann Burns, who is starting an extended research visit to the area, for the tip.

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